Alkaline Trio – ‘The Torture Doctor’

After having been fairly disappointed by the last single from goth-punk’s Alkaline Trio, I was preparing myself for the worst with this next one. (The worst from them being that it was nothing special).

This was actually a nice surprise. ‘The Torture Doctor’ is still Alkaline Trio in their purest form, the macabre themes, the simplistic, catchy hooks. This is the band really pushing forwards though, the vocals becoming almost sinister, the melodies creeping into something much deeper. Its not what I was expecting, its much, much better.

Check it out below:

RC xx


News: Anti-Flag Announce London Show

Pittsburgh punk-rockers Anti-Flag are celebrating their 20th anniversary with shows across the US and a one-off London show. On Thursday July 4, the band will be busy playing all the hits at the Electric Ballroom in Camden with Sharks and Gnarwolves supporting.

Tickets are £15 +fees, onsale now from here.

If you’re still not convinced that you NEED to go to this, check out this video:

For the band’s US tourdates, check their Facebook.


RC xx 

New Music Monday: Bring Me The Horizon ‘Sleepwalking’

Well after the storming ‘Shadow Moses’ video was released a few weeks ago, I’ve been eagerly awaiting more from Bring Me The Horizon‘s new album ‘Sempiternal’, out April 1. Just to show that the last single wasn’t a fluke, they’ve now released the equally chilling ‘Sleepwalking’.

The video is shot in the snow again, raising the question: did they shoot them all on one snowy day? Anyway, its pretty eerie and features the standard ghostly looking girl wandering about while the band perform to disinterested locals in a community centre-esque bar. Oh, and there’s some random shots of barbie dolls.

Track is awesome though.

You can pre-order Sempiternal from the band’s store here.

RC xx

Sunday Comment: Bullying (Plus new video from Escape The Fate)

When I’m looking for music to post about on here, I always try to find something with personal relevance. It could be that I’ve had a really good experience seeing the band live, or have a specific memory associated with them. In this case though, its that I can completely relate to the content.

Escape The Fate‘s new video ‘Ungrateful’ focuses on the cycle of bullying, from school, to home, to workplaces and how it impacts on the lives of those who experience it. (I warn you now, the graphics are pretty shocking).

I was unfortunate enough to experience bullying in school first-hand. It wasn’t pleasant (obviously). In fact, its had a huge effect on the rest of my life so far. It took years for me to get back the person that I was before it started. And I had it lightly compared to some others.

I watched friends slowly becoming shadows of the happy, confident people they once were. There are people I grew up with, that I was close friends with, that simply dropped out of school and effectively disappeared. Sometimes I search Facebook for them, in the hope that I’ll see them smiling, living their lives somewhere else. But they never turn up.

I don’t solely blame the people who took things out on me. As a friend told me once ‘round here, bullying is pretty much generic‘. It seems like a flippant statement for something which ruins lives, but its true. The people in my school year who were bullies were picked on by kids in the year above. They were picked on by kids in the year above them. It went on and on.

I wish there was a simple solution to it, but what needs to change the most is people’s attitudes. It’s not right for this to happen, but it does. So why is no-one talking about it..?
Anyway, here’s the music video for you:

RC xx

Frightened Rabbit – ‘Backyard Skulls’

So I have a bit of a thing for Scottish accents. It’s not weird, I promise. I’m half Scottish and there’s just something really homely about them. Anyway, it was this love that made me such a huge fan of Frightened Rabbit in the first place. They played at a venue I was working at and though I couldn’t make the gig, I decided to look them up (based on the name, because I also love rabbits).

As another random fact, I’ve been listening to this band since ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’ came out in 2008, but hadn’t actually seen the bands videos up until now. I’d never imagined the singer having a beard. *ahem*

This video for ‘Backyard Skulls’ basically reminds me of every school disco I went to. No-one dancing. Everyone sitting awkwardly on the sidelines. I’m still trying to guess which person I’d be in this. The song is beautifully despairing, like many of the bands song. It’s quite upbeat for them to be honest. Some of their tracks can reduce me to tears in less than 30 seconds. That’s a real feat right there.

If you like this, go check out every (yes, every) video on their Youtube. Do it now. You know you’ve got nothing better to do.

Frightened Rabbit’s fourth album, ‘Pedestrian Verse’ is out now.

RC xx

New Video From The King Blues’ Itch – ‘Diplomat’

I first fell in love with The King Blues at the Demolition Ball at the old Astoria venue (my favourite venue in the whole world, sadly). The had all the passion, all the angst to appeal to my teenage self, but always a cheerful tune to go along with it. Who hasn’t sung along to ‘Boulder’ at some point, when they’re feeling down?

Jonny “Itch” Fox was the one to break the news of the band’s split last April, but as one band finished, a new musical endeavour has sprung up.   Itch’s solo single ‘Manifesto Pt. 1: How to Fucking Rule at Life’,was released last November and is available to download for free from

Here’s his new video for ‘Diplomat’, directed by NYSU.


If you like this, also check out ‘Truth’ – here.

RC xx 

New Music Monday – Collapse ‘Arms and the Covenant’

So I don’t really listen to a lot of heavy metal, let’s be honest. I do, however, try to listen to everything that gets sent to my inbox (time constraints allowing). So when I got sent this, I switched the speakers on high and gave it a whirl. Its, suprisingly, really good. And this is coming from someone who normally turns the song off if it gets to the chorus and there’s still no actual singing.


Enough about me, Collapse are a heavy metal 5-piece hailing from London town. They’ve clearly done their time touring the mini-venue circuit (because no-one gets that good without doing it) and have picked up some good press in Metal Hammer lately.

Their debut album ‘Arms and the Covenant’ is due out April 1. Get your ear drums ready and rock out with the below:

RC xx

London Rock Gigs: March

You might think with last month’s Kerrang! Tour, this month might find it a bit hard to compete. Well fear not, there’s some awesome gig night for you to rock your socks off to. Have a lookey below:

wednesday 13

Wednesday 13

Weds, March 13 – O2 Academy Islington, £15

Massive props to whoever booked Wednesday 13’s London gig on that specific day. Also, to the Murderdolls frontman himself (if it was his idea) for booking in some great home-grown talent to support him on this tour. Two bands that have previously graced this blog, Orestea and Ashestoangels will be joining the band in Brighton (March 6) and Bristol (March 7), respectively.

More info.


Punktastic Presents: Attention Thieves, Neck Deep, Rat Attack

Weds, March 13 – The Old Blue Last, FREE

Here’s another couple of bands that you might’ve read about here before – I highly recommended checking out Attention Thieves and Rat Attack. Sorry, Neck Deep, I’m sure you’re very good too! This looks like a great night of new music, plus its free! What more could you possibly want?

More info.


Cancer Bats

Fri, March 15 – Koko, £13.75

Sadly I only caught the end of Cancer bats when they supported Enter Shikari at the Roundhouse on their last tour. Based on what I saw though, this is going to be a good night..

More info.


The Gaslight Anthem

Fri,  March 29 and Sat, March 30 – Troxy, £27

I LOVE this band (as you’ve probably guessed) so may well be taking myself along to this.  Although I’ve never heard of Troxy before and the tickets are a bit pricey!

More info.


Other notes: Bullet For My Valentine and Halestorm tear up the Roundhouse on March 17. Unfortunately tickets are sold out.


RC xx

News: Festival Lineup Announcements

So the festivals are starting to announce lineups for this year. I’m still picking out where to go, so if you are too, here’s a few tips for you! I’ve tried to keep the genres a bit varied, in case heavy rock isn’t quite your thing..



Redfest – Redhill, Surrey

July 26th and 27th

£58 Camping

Go to see: Dry The River, Arcane Roots, Bury Tomorrow, Bleed From Within



Takedown – Southampton Uni

May 11th

Tickets from £30

Go to see: The Blackout, We Are The Ocean, While She Sleeps,  Mallory Knox, Maramozets



Hit The Deck – Nottingham / Bristol

April 20th / 21st

Tickets from £20

Go to see: Don Broco, We Are The In Crowd, Bleeding Through, Sonic Boom Six


RC xx

Fearless Vampire Killers New Video ‘Diamond Dust & Crimson Reign’

For anyone who can’t wait for the new Fearless Vampire Killers album (I know I can’t..), here’s a nice teaser for you! The band have just released a new video for the first single off their upcoming second album ‘Exposition: The Five Before The Flames’, a prequel to their debut.

‘Diamond Dust & Crimson Reign’ is more ballady than we’re used to with these guys, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have the same kick-ass chords that we love the band for. Plus the video seems to be following on the plot from their originals, which I absolutely LOVE. Just would like to know a bit more of the storyline..

Anyway, enjoy!

‘Exposition’ is out March 11.

RC xx