New Video From The King Blues’ Itch – ‘Diplomat’

I first fell in love with The King Blues at the Demolition Ball at the old Astoria venue (my favourite venue in the whole world, sadly). The had all the passion, all the angst to appeal to my teenage self, but always a cheerful tune to go along with it. Who hasn’t sung along to ‘Boulder’ at some point, when they’re feeling down?

Jonny “Itch” Fox was the one to break the news of the band’s split last April, but as one band finished, a new musical endeavour has sprung up.   Itch’s solo single ‘Manifesto Pt. 1: How to Fucking Rule at Life’,was released last November and is available to download for free from

Here’s his new video for ‘Diplomat’, directed by NYSU.


If you like this, also check out ‘Truth’ – here.

RC xx 


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