New Music Monday – Collapse ‘Arms and the Covenant’

So I don’t really listen to a lot of heavy metal, let’s be honest. I do, however, try to listen to everything that gets sent to my inbox (time constraints allowing). So when I got sent this, I switched the speakers on high and gave it a whirl. Its, suprisingly, really good. And this is coming from someone who normally turns the song off if it gets to the chorus and there’s still no actual singing.


Enough about me, Collapse are a heavy metal 5-piece hailing from London town. They’ve clearly done their time touring the mini-venue circuit (because no-one gets that good without doing it) and have picked up some good press in Metal Hammer lately.

Their debut album ‘Arms and the Covenant’ is due out April 1. Get your ear drums ready and rock out with the below:

RC xx


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