New Music Monday – Rat Attack

On the genre section of Rat Attack‘s facebook page, it simply states ‘party punk’. After a few listens to their tracks online, it doesn’t seem like such a bad description really. Full of angry vocals, power chords and an underlying sense of fun, the Exeter four piece know how to make an impression.

‘Bad Catholic’ starts out with a glam-rock tale of girls, before plunging into a Papa Roach-esque screeching refrain. For a bit more of a taster, here’s their new video for ‘Heartbeat’, featuring the vocals of Liam Cronby (We Are The Ocean). If that’s not enough ,it also has a guy crowdsurfing in a crocodile costume. Now that’s not something you see everyday.

Download ‘Bad Catholic’ from the band’s soundcloud here. Or check their Facebook for more info and UK tour dates in March.

RC xx

Lower Than Atlantis – Go On Strike (PARENTAL ADVISORY)

Its still snowing here (booo) so I’ve been stuck indoors again. Today consisted of trying to remove the rust from a Wii remote. It did not work. Luckily, after an hour or so of trying, I found another controller.

Anyway, here’s a bit of feel-good fun to cheer everyone up. Herts punk-rockers Lower Than Atlantis have released their new video for ‘Go On Strike’, taken from their third album ‘Changing Tune’ out now. Its the perfect soundtrack for anyone who thinks Christmas finished too early last year..

You can catch the band on tour in the UK this April. Dates on their facebook here.

RC xx

Best Converse Designs

I was really hoping to see Asking Alexandria and Motionless In White at Brixton Academy tonight, but due to the weather (read: there’s way too much snow), I’m stuck at home. I’ve been killing the time with a bit of internet window shopping, looking for one of my favourite things to buy, new Converse.

Here’s my pick of some of the best Converse designs available at the moment:

Zip Hi Tops

Price: £50

Where from: Amazon


Price: £50

Where from: Exclusive to Schuh


Price: £53

Where from: Grindstore, but they’re selling out fast!

While these are pretty cool, if you have some free times and live in the States (or just fancying trying it anyway) you can design your own Converse on their site. They’ve even got some really cute designs in for Valentines day..

Have a go yourself, here. Enjoy!

RC xx

Snow day / Friday Classic – Jimmy Eat World

Well I hope everyone’s enjoying the snow as much as I am (if you have any). I’m pretty much stranded at home, so I’ve been busy baking brownies (see below) and catching up on some much-missed TV.

Anyway, here’s my Friday blast from the past (and one of my favourite songs and music videos ever), Jimmy Eat World – The Middle. It’s a song that’s got me through some tough times, and is a classic one to dance round your room to.

What are they up to now?

According to their Facebook, the band are currently recording their 8th studio album (so far unnamed). They’re also playing Download this year, so if you’re planning to go, make sure you don’t miss them!

RC xx

Free Download – ‘Bones’ (Acoustic) From Young Guns

If you live in the US, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of this band in the next few months. Brit-rockers Young Guns are touring the States with 10 Years in February, with a slot of Krrofest thrown in. On the other side of the Atlantic, they’re playing Isle of Wight festival and Download this year, plus rumours of some new material coming soon.. – these are some very busy boys!

You can download their acoustic version of hit single ‘Bones’ by signing up to their mailing list here.

Go check them out now!

RC xx 

Wednesday Wish List – Step Up Clothing

Who likes a bit of ethical fashion? I definitely do. It’s nice knowing that your clothes aren’t the result of some poor child slaving away in a factory somewhere. (Not to mention the actual clothing quality is normally better)
If you’re looking to fill up your wardrobe for spring, a good place to start would be Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds’ clothing line ‘Step Up’. Focusing on fair trade and organic cotton, plus some items having up to 50% of profits going to Amnesty International, it’s a pretty guilt free shopping trip.
Have a look for yourselves here.
RC xx

Au Revoir HMV

This was going to be a usual post with some lovely new music for you guys. Its not though, because there’s something more important to talk about today.

HMV has been the only place I’ve bought CDs from (not including online or gigs) in the last few years, seeing as supermarkets don’t stock the music that I listen to, and indie record stores where I live are few and far between (but I should really make more effort with them).

Its been a place where I’ve re-discovered bands long forgotten, or found new bands on a whim. Its where I’ve wandered about with dates, comparing tastes in music, films, games. It wouldn’t be Christmas without an HMV giftcard, a present from an aunt or uncle, who don’t know me well enough to get something personalised, but know that I love music. It wouldn’t be a shopping trip without a browse round the store, picking up something new to hear on the daily commute. Not to mention the numbers of friends I’ve known who had their first jobs there.

Despite the company’s best efforts (diversifying into merch, lower prices, 2 for £10 deals..), its gone into administration. Its currently unclear if the chain will find a buyer, or what will happen to the 4,123 staff that it employs.

So to make this post a little less depressing, here’s a little blast from the past. The first piece of music I ever bought (though from where, I can’t remember). It may not be rock, but you’ve got to love Bjork..

RC xx

New Music Monday – Funeral For Friend Album Sampler

Fact: Funeral For A Friend are a band that never disappoints. That’s why I’m pretty excited about their new album ‘Conduit’, coming out January 28.

Based on this sampler, it sounds like a return to the screaming days of old, combined with Matt Davies’ more mature songwriting that we’ve come to love. (Not to mention some really catchy hooks..)

Have a listen for yourself here:

If this isn’t enough for you, check out their new video for album track ‘The Distance’ here.

RC xx

New Video From Three Days Grace – The High Road

Lyric videos aren’t the most interesting are they? Typically just a screen of words, maybe the new album artwork. I’ve never paid much attention to them.

That’s why its great to see a band doing it differently. Canadian rockers Three Days Grace have just released a lyric video for their new single ‘The High Road’, but its really artfully done, perfectly complementing the angst ridden track. Bands take notice, this is how to do it.

The band’s new album, ‘Transit of Venus’ is out now.

RC xx

Watch Fearless Vampire Killers Documentary On Loaded Tonight

If you missed the Fearless Vampire Killers documentary, ‘At War With The Thirst’ on tv last night, you can catch it again online at Loaded at 10pm.

I haven’t checked it out yet either, so definitely looking forward to this one!

Hope you guys are having a great night anyway, whatever you’re up to.

RC xx