Au Revoir HMV

This was going to be a usual post with some lovely new music for you guys. Its not though, because there’s something more important to talk about today.

HMV has been the only place I’ve bought CDs from (not including online or gigs) in the last few years, seeing as supermarkets don’t stock the music that I listen to, and indie record stores where I live are few and far between (but I should really make more effort with them).

Its been a place where I’ve re-discovered bands long forgotten, or found new bands on a whim. Its where I’ve wandered about with dates, comparing tastes in music, films, games. It wouldn’t be Christmas without an HMV giftcard, a present from an aunt or uncle, who don’t know me well enough to get something personalised, but know that I love music. It wouldn’t be a shopping trip without a browse round the store, picking up something new to hear on the daily commute. Not to mention the numbers of friends I’ve known who had their first jobs there.

Despite the company’s best efforts (diversifying into merch, lower prices, 2 for £10 deals..), its gone into administration. Its currently unclear if the chain will find a buyer, or what will happen to the 4,123 staff that it employs.

So to make this post a little less depressing, here’s a little blast from the past. The first piece of music I ever bought (though from where, I can’t remember). It may not be rock, but you’ve got to love Bjork..

RC xx


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