Chester Bennington + Stone Temple Pilots – ‘Dead and Bloated’

Yes, you did hear me right. It seems Mr Chester Bennington, of Linkin Park fame has teamed up with Stone Temple Pilots. He’s even surprisingly good at the epic classic rock vocals. I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise given that he’s used to screaming away in his regular band outfit, but that’s an impressively deep set of lungs he’s got on him.

Looks like this could be the new lineup for the band, given that they fired vocalist Scott Weiland earlier this year..

Check out Chester’s performance below:

RC xx

AFI Release Teaser Video ‘Convergence’

So I know I normally post some ‘classics’ on Fridays, but this is too exciting to miss out! One of my favourite bands, California’s AFI have released a teaser video for ‘Convergence’, which is (hopefully) an upcoming new album, supposedly due out this September.

I honestly could not be more happy! Not to mention the fact that they’re following on from their previous releases with intriguing social content, videos and clues.. The band have always been at the fore-front of digital marketing campaigns, always finding new ways to engage with their hardcore fanbase. Its a great sign of how devoted and appreciative they are of their followers, and one I couldn’t be more grateful for.

Watch the teaser video below:

RC xx

Music News: Your Demise Are Splitting Up!

Well there’s a cold chill in the air today. No, its not the unwelcome return of Winter (we only just got rid of that!). Its the news that British quintet Your Demise have called it a day after four years of rocking their way around the world. Here at RC HQ we’ll be sad to see them go, but glad that they’re ending this on their own terms, and on good terms with each other.

The boys have left us with this (cleverly put together) message:

Sad times..

RC xx

New Track From City and Colour ‘Thirst’

I do miss Alexisonfire. The albums were good. The live shows, sadly I missed out on, but I heard good things about too.


Luckily, singer Dallas Green has graced us with his solo project, City and Colour. The music is as beautiful as the name suggests. I think my favourite, though more than a little depressing, has to be the album ‘Bring Me Your Love’ . There’s some new music from the boy coming soon though, and I’m pleased to hear this little taster of it..

‘Thirst’ is more electronica, but not quite pop in the sense of Owl City. Its much more low-key and relaxed, without losing any of the heartfelt emotion that goes into each track.

Have a listen here..

RC xx


Sunday Comment: Band Breakups

It’s been a bad week for breakups (not for me, I had no-one to breakup with in the first place!). For bands, I mean. My Chemical Romance and Attack Attack (the UK band) have both called it a day. It’s pretty weird timing, what with the return of Fall Out Boy not that long ago.

I’ve spoken before about band breakups – the reasons, the wasted talent, but its a weird one for MCR. They’ve been successful, been adored by thousands. Its possible that this is more a sign of a hiatus, where at least one band member attempts a solo career, an acting career, an art career? Still, while we wait and see, let’s remember the good times:

RC xx

Tonight Alive new video ‘Breakdown’

You know summer’s just around the corner when the driving songs start coming out. It makes me quite sad that I no longer have a car to drive (can’t afford it / don’t need one in London). If I did have a car though, this song would be top of my list to blare out the windows on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

I just caught the end of Tonight Alive at the Kerrang Tour in Brixton a few weeks ago. The Australian pop-punk 5 piece have been making waves with their energetic live shows, and habit of running around backstage completely naked (or so I’ve heard).

This lovely slice of rock-lite goodness features Benji Madden, of Good Charlotte fame. I don’t actually know what he’s up to these days, but its good to see him with a girl that’s not Paris Hilton.. As a disclaimer: I’m not suggesting that he’s dating lead singer Jenna McDougall. I have no idea about his personal life.

RC xx

News: Festival Lineup Announcements

So the festivals are starting to announce lineups for this year. I’m still picking out where to go, so if you are too, here’s a few tips for you! I’ve tried to keep the genres a bit varied, in case heavy rock isn’t quite your thing..



Redfest – Redhill, Surrey

July 26th and 27th

£58 Camping

Go to see: Dry The River, Arcane Roots, Bury Tomorrow, Bleed From Within



Takedown – Southampton Uni

May 11th

Tickets from £30

Go to see: The Blackout, We Are The Ocean, While She Sleeps,  Mallory Knox, Maramozets



Hit The Deck – Nottingham / Bristol

April 20th / 21st

Tickets from £20

Go to see: Don Broco, We Are The In Crowd, Bleeding Through, Sonic Boom Six


RC xx

Fearless Vampire Killers New Video ‘Diamond Dust & Crimson Reign’

For anyone who can’t wait for the new Fearless Vampire Killers album (I know I can’t..), here’s a nice teaser for you! The band have just released a new video for the first single off their upcoming second album ‘Exposition: The Five Before The Flames’, a prequel to their debut.

‘Diamond Dust & Crimson Reign’ is more ballady than we’re used to with these guys, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have the same kick-ass chords that we love the band for. Plus the video seems to be following on the plot from their originals, which I absolutely LOVE. Just would like to know a bit more of the storyline..

Anyway, enjoy!

‘Exposition’ is out March 11.

RC xx

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain

I was going to write about things to buy today, like I usually do on Wednesday. Today though, its the birthday of one of my favourite musicians, taken far too long before his time: Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain, the frontman of Seattle grunge trio (and hugely influential band) Nirvana would’ve been 46 today. I can’t think of a better example to remind people of what a loss his tragic suicide at 27 was than this cover of ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’, a traditional folk song.

I guess the lesson we can all take from this, is to seek help if you have a problem. Call the Samaritans (or your country’s equivalent). Don’t deprive the world of what you have to offer it.

Happy birthday Kurt Cobain. 19 years on, you are still greatly missed.

RC xx