New Music: Glamour Of The Kill ‘Break’

If you’re on your way out tonight (and why not, Thursday is the new Friday right?) this should help you get in the mood. ‘Break’ is the new single from party loving rockers Glamour Of The Kill..

RC xx


New Music – Ashestoangels ‘Dorian’

Ever wanted to go to a Victorian-esque bar, gamble a little and then rough up the place? Well now you can live vicariously through the antics of Bristol goth-punks Ashestoangels. The dashing guys even dress up for the part. You really don’t want to miss this..

FYI, these guys are on tour next month too, check the dates here..

RC xx

New Music, New Music! Enter Shikari ‘Radiate’

So I’ve posted a lot about Enter Shikari. I know. Having spent the last 4:37 minutes dancing about my room like nobodies watching (I HOPE no-one’s watching), I think this is worth including though.

One of the best things about Shikari, apart from the great beats, is that they genuinely care. There’s a deep, heartfelt message within every track. Anyone who’s seen the band live can tell how passionate they are about their music, and how passionate their fans are in return.

Oh, and did I mention that they’ll be playing Download this weekend? Excited much? I couldn’t be more..

RC xx

letlive release new music video ‘Banshee’

If you haven’t heard of letlive, I don’t really know what you’ve been doing with your life.. (no offence!) They’re one of the hottest tipped acts in rock at the moment. This music video should explain why. They’ve got energy and passion by the bucket load, plus some great songs. Think System of a Down meets Slipknot, but a bit more dancey. Yeah, I just said that.

Check out their trippy new video here:

letlive’s new album ‘The Blackest Beautiful’ is out on July 9.

RC xx

New Music: Palisades – Outcasts

Who loves a good bit of sing-along post-hardcore? I do!

If you feel the same, you’ll most likely love this new single from New Jersey boys Palisades. ‘Outcasts’ is a catchy bit of pop rock, with a great ‘woah’ filled chorus and features the guest vocals of Mr Andy Leo from Crown The Empire. Oh, AND its got a weird, distorted video involving a sandpit. Enough said..

Go on, have a listen. You’ll be singing along in no time..

RC xx

Lonely The Brave ‘Black Saucers’

Happy new music er, Tuesday? Here’s a brilliant bite of straight up rock goodness for you to enjoy this evening.

Lonely The Brave have recently signed to Hassle Records (home of We Are The Ocean, if you didn’t already know..). They’ve also been tipped for success by the likes of Rock Sound, Classic Rock and Kerrang!, which is never a bad thing.

This lyric video for ‘Black Saucers’ should explain why. Neat vocals, good riffs and a definite case of substance over style (I’m sure they have style, you’re missing my point) makes a good band, and by those standards this is a really good band.

Check it out below:

Lots of love,

RC xx

Hello Lazarus New Video ‘Stallions’

Woops, its another late music bite tonight.. I’ve been slacking / rushed off my feet with other things this week. (That’s a poor excuse, I know..)

Anyway, here’s a lovely bit of aural goodness that I hope you’ll enjoy! Bristol kids Hello Lazarus have been compared to a lot of bands that they don’t really sound like. However, they do sound good, so here’s their new video for ‘Stallions’ (which looks, but doesn’t sound White Stripes-esque).


RC xx

New Music From Deaf Havana ‘Boston Square’

Have I mentioned how much I like Deaf Havana on here yet? I don’t think I have. Or I haven’t enough. The band’s new single ‘Boston Square’ is a lovely bittersweet piece of audio goodness. Its cheerful enough for a drive in the summer sunshine, but wouldn’t feel too out of place on a rainy day like today either..

The rockers are gearing up to release their new album ‘Old Souls’ this September, with a few choice performances at Slam Dunk festival lined up for the end of this month.

Have a listen here:

RC xx

New Music Monday: Fort Hope – Time Is The Rope

I saw Fort Hope at Camden Underworld last Wednesday supporting Fearless Vampire Killers and was pretty blown away by how amazing they are. These guys are pretty straight up melodic post-hardcore (melodic is my favourite word of the moment) and they’re just great really.

They’ve got a new single ‘Control’, which is out soon and have just started a new UK tour with We Are The In Crowd.

‘Time Is The Rope’ shows off a bit more of their ’emotional’ side, with a brief nod to The Early November and is one of the tracks that they performed beautifully at the Underworld. Its pretty brave doing a slow number when you’re the support act, but they pulled it off really well.

Check it out below:

RC xx

New Music Monday – Escape The Fate ‘You’re Insane’

It’s a bit of a late one tonight, oops! Guess I’ve been having too much fun this bank holiday weekend..
You’d be forgiven for thinking this next track sounds more than a little bit like Papa Roach’s ‘Scars’, with a bigger dose of anger thrown in. I’m not arguing, but this song gets my approval for the awesome guitar solo. Also the irrelevant snake at the beginning. (Honestly, there’s a reason I’ll never move to the desert!).

Luckily, Escape The Fate don’t seem too phased by the scaly reptiles, or the heat blasting out. Which is surprising seeing as they’re definitely not dressed for it. Anyway, it doesn’t stop them rocking out like the best of them!

Check out the new single ‘You’re Insane’ below. It’s out now..

For those of you who don’t know, Escape The Fate are a five piece metal band hailing from the sands of Las Vegas. Their new album ‘Ungrateful’ is out May 14 and they’ll be touring the USA from mid-April. Uk folks,  you can catch them at Download!

RC xx