A Higher Demise – All These Reasons

Let’s face it, British bands don’t get enough recognition, even on their own turf. Battling it out with rock giantsĀ coming over the Atlantic is a pretty tough thing to face. That said, A Higher Demise seem up to the challenge, if their energetic new single ‘All These Reasons‘ is anything to go by. The track is taken from the Dartford five-piece’s EP ‘The Doctor Will See You Now‘.

Have a listen..

RC xx

A Higher Demise – My Therapist Knows You By Name

Have you missed me? I’ve had laryngitis for the past couple of weeks, so thought this video would be pretty appropriate, seeing as I’ve been spending enough time around nurses (although none wielding needles like this!).
A Higher Demise‘s new video for ‘My Therapist Knows You By Name‘ is a stomping mix of screams and melodic verses for any good post-hardcore fan to tune into.
Check it out here:

RC xx