New Music Monday: Inherit The Stars

A confession: I always judge bands by their name. Then I judge them by the genre they categorise themselves by. Things like ‘pop punk, indie rock, metal’ are pretty acceptable, weird abstract concepts a bit less, unless the music really does sound like Bon Jovi riding an atom bomb through space. I don’t know if anyone’s used that term yet, but if not please feel free. You don’t have to credit me, just make your music representative of it.

Inherit The Stars

Listening to Inherit The Stars, I read the tags as ‘alternative metal pop rock sci-fi screamo UK’. Can’t say I’ve heard pop yet, but I’d like to throw electro into that mix. Not quite in an Enter Shikari, dub-step kind of way. More of a scream-heavy chords-quick disco-back to screaming kind of way. It sounds like the soundtrack to a shooting game, set on a spaceship in the distant future. Its quite refreshingly different.

The Sheffield 3-piece are planning their debut album release (untitled as far as I can tell) this May. For now, listen to the below and go check them out on

RC xx


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