Rolo Tomassi new video ‘Howl’

I don’t feel like I champion enough women in rock to be honest, despite the blog name. That’s why it makes me happy when I can feature something like this, where it has nothing to do with the gender of the lead singer, its just simply great music.

I’ve loved Rolo Tomassi for a long time. I’d heard whispers of great things about them, which lead me to their show at the Radio 1 tent at Reading Festival a few years back. I was blown away. The energy of their performance. The fact that singer Eva Spence can walk onstage looking like that, and then produce a sound like THAT. This is one female that can rock it with the best of them:

Rolo Tomassi’s new album ‘Astraea’, featuring ‘Howl’ is out now.

RC xx