New Music Monday: Deap Vally

Just as I was wishing for more sleazy, female fronted rock’n’roll, I came across the awesome Deap Vally.

deap vally

The duo (Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards) bizarely met at a needlework class in Silver Lake, California and have been making blues-tinged rock ever since. Its hard to write about an all-woman band without crying ‘feminism’, but I don’t think its misplaced with tracks like ‘Make My Own Money’ and cited influences being Thelma and Louise.

Behind the oozing  rock’n’roll  though, there’s real talent. Listen to songs like ‘I Put a Spell on You’ and you can hear the raw emotion behind the lyrics, combined with some pretty decent guitar playing. Think Jack White with more sex appeal (debatable).

‘Lies’ is available on iTunes now.

You can download ‘Ain’t Fair’ for free from the band’s Facebook here.

RC xx


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