Tune Tuesday – Young Guns

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days, so thought I’d share it with you. It’s an angsty ballady (because its not slow enough to be a real ballad, at least, that’s my opinion..) tune from Londoners Young Guns.

These are some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a while:

You are not a diamond,
You are not a shining star
Doesn’t mean that you’re not perfect
Exactly as you are

‘You Are Not’ is taken from their new album ‘Bones’, of which the title track was Kerrang!’s top song of 2012. The boys are currently off touring the States.

RC xx


Enter Shikari, The Roundhouse 16/12/12

Walking up to Camden’s Roundhouse on a Sunday evening, you can’t help but notice the crowd. Snaking along the road, past the petrol station, masses of skinny jeans and hoodies.
Apparently security have implemented new rules about mobile phones, meaning that only ten gig goers are being let in at a time. The queue for the cloakroom is growing steadily.
Inside, Cancer Bats are giving it their best, despite a poor soundsytem and fairly minimal crowd (most are still outside).
A recorded message counts down the minutes to Enter Shikari, with thundering applause. The headliners blaze onto the stage and promptly destroy it, frantically clambering onto amps and diving into the crowd.
This outpouring of unbelievable energy lasts the entire performance, the audience meeting it with mosh pits appearing in every corner of the room. New tracks ‘Gandhi mate, Gandhi’ and ‘Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here’ go down as well as old favourite ‘Return To Energiser’.
Before going offstage, the band apologise for the delay on entering, a touching moment that serves as a reminder of how close knit they are to their fans.
After a brief pause, they return for the encore, bringing out a member of their stage crew to propose to his girlfriend. She says yes (obviously) and the entire audience cheers as glitter explodes across the stage.
As the crowd filters out to the sound of classic dance hits, the floor is lost under a sea of cups, glitter and Santa hats. Job well done, guys.

RC x


The Rasmus – Electric Theatre 14/12/12

Last night I went to see Finnish rockers The Rasmus at the Electric Theatre in Camden. I saw the band in their hometown, Helsinki earlier this year while I was travelling round Finland, so was pretty excited to see them back in the UK.

The show started off pretty slowly. There were more than a few problems with the soundsystem, frontman Lauri Ylonen’s vocals disappearing from time to time, and the song choices seem to miss out many of the band’s most well known (or current) material. However, about halfway into the show, ‘Living in a World Without You’ finally wakes up the crowd and the room echoes with voices singing back.

‘In The Shadows’ typically goes down well, as does the band’s new single ‘Mysteria’. “They’re playing all my favourite songs”, gushes the girl beside me, dancing away happily. I’m not so convinced.

It’s hard to compare with their previous performance, a hometown show will always be infinitely better than a night abroad, nearing the end of a five week tour. Its fairly likely that tiredness and a restrictive stage contributed to the slow start, but the crowd still seem happy. (On my way out, I note that the band’s tour DVD has already sold out. Always a good sign).

Anyway, I’ll leave you with their new video.

RC xx

Greenday’s American Idiot

In the early afternoon we stepped into the HMV Hammersmith Apollo. There was an odd sense about the place, crowds of teens swarming over the t-shirt stand, huddles of people sitting on the steps and that familiar gig scent, a mixture of alcohol and sweat. It’s not a gig today though, which becomes increasingly obvious by the lack of crushing on our way into the main theatre. We were here to see Greenday’s musical, American Idiot.

We sat waiting (weirdly, the doors open 1 1/2 hours before the show..), listening to the chatter of the people behind us. Classic moments included (Person A ) ‘I’m so glad this has seats. I hate it when gigs don’t have seats’ . (Person B) ‘Miley Cyrus had seats, didn’t it?’. They then went on to discuss ‘escort’ sites for bored housewives. We exchanged horrified glances.

At last the music starts. I don’t want to give away too much, but the show is definitely something special. The songs are performed with a brilliant energy and the stage set-up is just amazing. The plot though, is a bit unclear as most of the narrative is told through the songs. It means if you miss a key movement onstage, you’re unlikely to realise what’s happened. (It was only after reading the programme on the way home that I actually understood some major plot twists).

I would recommend seeing the show, particularly if you’re a fan of Greenday (you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of the more classic songs they’ve managed to sneak in). I just wish I’d had a chance to see the show on Broadway when AFI’s Davey Havok was playing St Jimmy..