Friday Classic: Foo Fighters ‘Monkey Wrench’

Dave Grohl is definitely on my list of people I’d like to have a drink with. He comes across as so nice, so normal. Plus he’s got some real credit from the fact that he’s (quite possibly) the only drummer in existence to become successful in his own right. I should be talking more about the other band members I know (sorry Taylor, Nate, Chris and Pat), but you can’t say the words ‘Rock God’ without thinking of the bearded, cheesy smiling face of Grohl, peering out from the cover of whatever your favourite music magazine is. Let’s face it, he’s probably fronted them all.

You know when its a Foo Fighters song. There’s that beautiful optimism about it, combined with a simple but catchy tune. The videos are filled with self-depreciating humour (Learn To Fly, featuring Tenasious D is one of the best). The songs are touching too, when you really hear the lyrics. Take this one for example ‘what do you do when all your enemies are friends’ has summed up my life more than a few times..

RC xx