Friday Classic – Linkin Park ‘Pts.OF.Athrty’

The soundtrack to my (and many others’) teenage angst, Pts.OF.Athrty is Linkin Park at their best. I’m sure I wasn’t the only teenager to have their first album, Hybrid Theory playing on repeat, loudly whilst I hid the in the darkened corner of my room.

Its hard to believe that the band are actually in their 17th year of existence. They’re one of a very few number of bands to mature gracefully, with a progressive sound that doesn’t alienate their original fanbase. (11 years on and this sci-fi themed video still looks modern too!).

What are they up to now?

The band are still going! They released their fifth album ‘Living Things’ last year and are about to embark on tour of Australia and New Zealand. Keep up to date with their goings on through their Facebook here..

RC xx


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