DIY Lace Bow Headband

I love headbands, but the best ones are always really expensive. A while ago I realised how easy it is to make your own, and I’ve never gone back! Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to make a cute little bow headband in a few easy steps.

You will need:

* Thin elastic, about 20 – 30 ”

* Lace (the same colour and as your elastic), about 11″

* Thread (again, same colour you want to use)

* Needle

* Scissors

* Tape measure

* A lighter (optional)

1. Measure your head (judging by how tight you want the headband)

2. Cut the elastic to your head size. Test this out once you’ve cut it, because you might want it a bit tighter.

3. (Optional) Carefully melt the edge of the elastic to stop it from fraying.

4. Sew the edges of the elastic together, so you have the basic headband.

5. Cut an inch off the lace and put this aside.

6. Fold the remaining lace in half, from top to bottom (so its still the same length)

7. Tie the lace in a bow, without knotting it first. This may take some practice (just pretend you already have the knot in the middle and it should work). Try to make sure both sides are even.

8. Take the piece you cut off earlier and fold it in half, lengthways. Wrap it round the middle of the bow and sew it in place. Cut off any extra material from it.

9. Sew the bow on to the headband, preferably over the join so its hidden.

10. Wear!

RC xx


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